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Founder and principal, Allure Technology, Inc.

Java and the Internet of Things in Telehealth

A connected healthcare demo with Java, JavaFX, complex event processing, and Bluetooth LE 4.0 for HIMSS 2014 that I helped spec and build. It combines local and remote analytics to offer a truly unique solution for chronically ill patients and their healthcare providers.

Take a look at the YouTube video for details:

Java IoT: Connect A Raspberry Pi and an Arduino

A Java Servlet running in Glassfish on a Raspberry Pi, communicating with an Arduino over the serial port using the RXTX serial port library. The point is to be able to turn on/off power to an appliance controlled by the Arduino through a web interface.

Real-Time Java in Action (2007)

This is a presentation and demo of Java RTS, which was Sun's Real-Time Java implementation, from 2007 in San Jose. The demo shows a potential use care for Java RTS in a real-time trading application.