Marketing, Writing, and Business Services

Some of the work I do:
• White papers, research reports, web copy, solution briefs, business proposals, and so on
• Thought leadership articles and blogs (attributed or ghostwritten)
• Surveys and Research
• Moderating live events and webcasts
• Live and web-based full event planning services
• Technology consulting

With everything I write, regardless of topic, my goal is to be truthful and knowledgeable, offering thought leadership with an easy-to-grasp and compelling style. I take the time to conduct research, consider the audience, and work with subject matter experts to comunicate a clear and concise message.

Twitter: @ericjbruno
In-depth software development articles at: Programming With Reason

The Importance of Distributed Transaction Monitoring

Eric J. Bruno
Monitoring in general may not always be viewed as a differentiator, but transaction monitoring and tracing can become a critical requirement. The world isn’t perfect, and even the best development practices may not be able to prevent all data integrity issues. Being able to reconcile with good monitoring and reporting can be the difference between staying in and going out of business, or even life and death.

Cloud Innovation - Your Secret to Success

Eric J. Bruno
According to IDC, business demand for cloud has grown and will continue to grow significantly for the next few years, and well beyond. However, the cloud space has become so competitive, it’s becoming more and more difficult for cloud service providers (CSP) to find or sustain profitability. After cutting costs and driving out inefficiencies, where do you turn for growth? In a word: Innovation.

Are the Pitfalls Microservices and Docker Containers Worth it?

Eric J. Bruno
(Hint: Yes!) By now, the advantages of microservices—like more agility, modularity, scalability, reliability and so on, are probably familiar to you. But like all new technologies, microservices present new challenges in addition to new benefits. For that reason, you may be asking yourself whether the challenges associated with microservices outweigh the benefits.

Security Considerations when Using Containers-as-a-Service Providers

Eric J. Bruno
Deploying and running Docker container-based software in the public cloud requires special security considerations in addition to those that apply when you run Docker on your own infrastructure. The usual Docker security analysis is still relevant, but there are some other things to bear in mind when using a CaaS (Containers-as-a-Service) provider, such as Amazon’s ECS, Microsoft’s Azure Container Service, or Oracle’s Container Cloud Service.