Marketing, Writing, and Business Services

Some of the work I do:
• White papers, research reports, web copy, solution briefs, and so on
• Thought leadership articles and blogs
• Surveys and Research
• Presenting at conferences and webcasts

My goal is to be truthful and knowledgeable, offering thought leadership with an easy-to-grasp and compelling style. I conduct thorough research, consider the audience, and work with subject matter experts to comunicate a clear and concise message.

Twitter: @ericjbruno

Introducing the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) for Java

Eric J. Bruno
Use CoAP for lightweight messaging applications, such as for working with simple Internet of Things sensors or other devices.

Curly Braces Column: Null is Not Nothing

Eric J. Bruno
What’s the meaning of null, and what’s the difference (if any) between null and void? If this essay were an episode of Seinfeld, it would be called “The Null Column,” because it’s a column about nothing—literally.

Programming lightweight IoT messaging with MQTT in Java

Eric J. Bruno
MQTT is an open message protocol perfect for communicating telemetry-style data from distributed devices and sensors over unreliable or constrained networks.

Curly Braces Column: Network Data Transmission and Compression

Eric J. Bruno
When data-intensive applications are I/O bound, perhaps you should compress the bytes.