Marketing, Writing, and Business Services

Some of the work I do:
• White papers, research reports, web copy, solution briefs, and so on
• Thought leadership articles and blogs
• Surveys and Research
• Presenting at conferences and webcasts

My goal is to be truthful and knowledgeable, offering thought leadership with an easy-to-grasp and compelling style. I conduct thorough research, consider the audience, and work with subject matter experts to comunicate a clear and concise message.

Twitter: @ericjbruno

Curly Braces Column: Let's Have Fun with Java Arrays

Eric J. Bruno
Elegant array development might encompass reflection, generics, and lambdas.

Curly Braces Column: The Design Phase in Agile Development

Eric J. Bruno
When it comes to the design of agile projects, the goal is to keep everything as simple as possible, while encouraging experimentation.

Curly Braces Column: Java and A Monorepo

Eric J. Bruno
I recently explored a fairly new concept in code repository organization that some large companies have adopted, called the monorepo. This is a subtle shift in how to manage projects in systems such as Git. But from what I’ve seen, some people have strong feelings about monorepos one way or the other. As a Java developer, I believe there are some tangible benefits to using a monorepo.

Binary Bit Manipulation and CAN Bus Hardware Interfaces in Java

Eric J. Bruno
When you need to interface with hardware devices at a low level, you often need to read and manipulate individual bits from software, which is sometimes affectionately referred to as bit banging. While most programmers don’t think of using Java for this, it’s not only possible but, as you’ll see, it’s very straightforward.