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Docker offers solutions for top security risks

Eric J. Bruno
Containers are rising in popularity and for good reason. Container solutions such as Docker help to automate and control the deployment of software assets within an operating system and server environment. They provide the consistency, portability, and agility needed for both DevOps and cloud deployments. But with these benefits come container security concerns you need to tackle.

What is Docker and what can it do for your dev team?

Eric J. Bruno
Two important characteristics of the cloud are that it can be rapidly provisioned and elastic in terms of matching fluctuations in user demand. This means you should be able to quickly spin up new instances of your cloud application or service along with the resources needed to support it.

Is the cloud pendulum swinging back to private?

Eric J. Bruno
The hype and excitement for public cloud services has certainly grown, and past research shows that adoption has grown with it. But are businesses now reconsidering their approach?

A Cloud Approach for the Internet of Things

Eric J. Bruno
The Internet of Things (IoT) is part of a promising future where smart computing devices will communicate with one another, with people, and with the enterprise applications we use. But IoT value is in the data, reaching from the enterprise out to realize the tremendous potential at our fingertips. Extend your IoT data reach with the Cloud.