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The Digital Love Triangle: Agile, DevOps, and Cloud

Eric J. Bruno
In a nutshell, the cloud delivers a global, nimble solution base, lower maintenance overhead, best-in-class security, and an overall reduction in risk. Its benefits are clearly aligned with agile processes as well as corporate budgets.

A Successful DevOps Implementation: It's More Than Fast Delivery

Eric J. Bruno
DevOps is a journey that involves people, process, and technology. Streamlined application delivery and faster time to market are good goals, but they're not enough. As HP found out, it's often more about people, and providing value—not just software—to them sooner.

The Anatomy Of A Hack: Network Security With A Network Of Defenses

Eric J. Bruno
In this piece, I outline a breakdown of events for handling a cyber attack on your business. This includes best practices for staying calm, reacting professionally, mitigating the issue, and preventing it from happening again.

IT infrastructure strategy and priorities for the CFO

Eric J. Bruno
If you're a CFO, you don't want to become a financial burden. Learn to take an IT-driven approach to business investment. This is important for every business, not just large IT organizations and Silicon Valley startups. Here are seven priorities every CFO should follow to maintain a truly strategic business investment.